• How to Tell If the Bellows on Your Sterndrive Need Replacing or Repairing

    Before you put your boat away for the season, you should take some time to check the sterndrive for issues. There are a number of elements you may want to check, but this blog in particular looks at the bellows. Here's an explanation of sterndrive bellows and a few tips on how to tell if these parts have problems. What Is a Bellow? In general, a bellow is anything that can be pressed together to release a lot of air.
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  • 4 Signs Your Boat's Engine Might Have a Clogged Fuel Injector

    If fuel droplets are allowed to settle within the fuel injector once your boat's engine has been turned off, those deposits can eventually clog the injectors. Though rarer, it's also possible for fuel injectors to become clogged thanks to grit and dirt that works its way into the system In either case, a clogged fuel injector won't be able to deliver fuel as effectively to your boat's engine, and running the motor while a fuel injector is clogged can have serious long-term consequences.
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