• Benefits of Hiring a Marine Engineer for Boat Maintenance and Repairs

    A boat is a costly investment that requires constant attention for optimal performance and durability. However, it is only possible through professional maintenance and repair services. Nonetheless, most vessel owners still engage unaccredited or unlicensed service providers to address technical issues. If you allow an unqualified technician to take your boat apart, you risk damaging it further. For this reason, a boat owner that values their investment must engage a marine engineer for repair and maintenance services.
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  • 3 Considerations For Beginners When Buying A Motorcycle

    When buying a motorcycle, buyers should be informed before investing. Although most motorcycle salespersons are knowledgeable, a buyer should do their research regarding the type of motorcycle they are looking for. Before buying a motorcycle, consider key factors such as your budget, the size of a motorcycle, your preferred make and model and your riding needs. Will you be using the bike for cruising, commuting, competitive riding or touring? Here are some considerations for beginners when buying a motorcycle.
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  • What is the condition of your thrusters?

    How much attention do you give to the thrusters on your boat? Thrusters are an essential tool for manoeuvring your boat, particularly when you are trying to come alongside and prepare for docking. Perhaps you operate with a single bow thruster or maybe you prefer to fit thrusters at both the bow and the stern. Whatever thruster combination you prefer, you know that it would be much harder to get your boat to the desired position without them.
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