Top Tips When Buying Electric Bicycles

Posted on: 21 October 2021

The popularity of the electric bike in recent years can be attributed to its trendiness, convenience, and environmental friendliness. If you wish to purchase an electric bicycle, you may be conflicted over which bike to buy. Below are some questions to help you make a sound decision as you buy the e-bike. 

Which Model Do You Prefer? 

The factors below should help you settle on a specific model: 

  • What is the durability of your preferred model? Look at online reviews and testimonials from friends to establish which models last longest.
  • What is the bike's ergonomics? For example, you would like one without the centre frame if you intend to ride wearing a dress. The positioning of the handlebars and controls should also promote relaxed cycling.
  • What is the bike's appeal? Obviously, you want a bike that looks appealing to your eye.
  • How often will you lift the bike? If you live in a storey building, you probably need a light or foldable bike that you can carry to your office or apartment. 

Where Will You Use The Bike? 

Electric bicycles are designed to serve diverse needs. For example, you should opt for a mountain e-bike if you ride on rough terrain. On the other hand, a commuter bike is ideal for running daily errands across the city. Cargo e-bikes are suitable for people who run delivery businesses or those who intend to go shopping using the bike. 

How Many Hours Will You Spend On The Bike? 

It will help you determine the bike's battery. If you will ride for short distances, then a small battery will serve your needs. Larger batteries are best if you will spend many hours on the bike. As a rule, you should check the battery warranty and ensure it has a fast-charging capability. 

Will You Buy A New Or Used Bike? 

Buying a new bike is a straightforward activity. However, the situation is quite different when purchasing a used bike. Examine the condition of the bike to ensure it does not need expensive repairs. If possible, the e-bike should be under manufacturer warranty. If not, the seller should give guarantees. When examining the bike, some concerns should include the condition of the tyres, the battery's longevity, the functionality of the motor, brakes, and other controls. 

When buying an electric bicycle, choose a suitable model, determine where you will use the bike, decide on an appropriate battery size, and whether you will buy a new or used bike.