A Guide On Caravan Diesel Heaters

Posted on: 13 June 2023

Most caravan owners endure the cold when sleeping in their RVs. In most cases, the car's air conditioning system is ineffective since it cannot heat the RV evenly. Moreover, you risk running the battery empty if you leave the AC running for several hours. Diesel caravan heaters are an instant solution to this problem. Unfortunately, most caravan owners are not acquainted with these heaters. Below is an extensive piece with everything you need to know about diesel caravan heaters. 

What Are Diesel Caravan Heaters? 

They are conventional heaters that run on diesel fuel as opposed to LPG or batteries. The heater has a straightforward working mechanism. It draws cold air inside the RV, passes it through a diesel-run heat exchanger, warms the air and circulates it inside the caravan. There are several reasons to consider a diesel caravan heater. First, diesel is easier to find compared to LPG. Consequently, you do not have to worry that the diesel will run out when going on long trips. Most models are incredibly fuel efficient. Besides, diesel is affordable in most jurisdictions. Diesel heaters are safer than LPG heaters. Typically, LPG leakage could cause fatal respiratory and nervous conditions. Besides, LPG easily ignites compared to diesel. Diesel heaters also guarantee greater temperature control. Most models have advanced microprocessors that allow caravan owners to select different heating modes. They also have variable fan speed, which gives constant temperatures inside the caravan. 

Considerations When Buying Diesel Caravan Heaters

What is the size of the diesel heater? Ideally, several factors will determine the size of the heater you need. The size of your caravan is an essential concern. Typically, large caravans need large heaters to prevent overworking the heater and ensure even heat distribution. If you intend to use the heater with some windows open, you should consider a big heater. The weight and dimensions of the heater are also a concern. Typically, you should ensure you have sufficient space to place the heater. 

Your next concern would be the model of the diesel heater. The general principle is to evaluate the reliability of the different heaters. Customer and expert reviews are excellent sources of this information. For instance, inquire whether the heater develops problems when working for long hours. Moreover, check the heater's maintenance requirements. Is the diesel heater easy to install? Check the installation manual to determine how long it takes to install the equipment. Finally, assess the pricing of the diesel heater and negotiate for a reasonable quote.  

For more information about caravan diesel heaters, contact a local company.